Shoulder Diagnostic Ultrasound Advantages Over MRI

While MRI remains the gold standard for musculoskeletal imaging studies, there are several advantages of using diagnostic ultrasound before going to MRI/MRA. The March 2015 issue of Radiology Today quoted from Medscape that to diagnose full thickness rotator cuff tears ( common in both sports injuries and Medicare aged patients), the diagnostic accuracy is high and similar in both, but ultrasound is less expensive, can easily use motion in real time, and can be used at the point of care to perform the diagnosis. “Therefore, when considering accuracy, cost, and availability, US is likely the best option in most settings” For these reasons Clinicare uses ultrasonography both as a diagnostic tool and for guiding injections and other procedures. Both Dr Silver and Kaliakin have had extensive training in this modality and Dr Kaliakin has taught this subject since 2001.