Victory over imbalance and vertigo

For over a decade, Clinicare has been actively treating balance and dizzyness patients, which are usually seniors, many of who have had one or multiple falls. Technically described as “Vestibular Rehab”, these symptoms account for about a third of all healthcare visits, the second most common complaint seen in doctors visits, and at some time in a persons life will affect 70% of this nations population. 2013 direct medical costs of falls were $34 billion. Causes are multiple and include function of the inner ear (vestibular system); neurologic including the brain stem and cerebellum (central nervous system); the musculoskeletal system including the back, hips, ankles and legs; the nerves of the neck, back and legs (spinal and peripheral nerves); age; health status; etc. Common focuses is on multiple issues of the vestibular ear system and include diagnostic terms such BPPV, Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, labyrinthitis, and others. Our experience is that most patients do not fall into a simple single textbook diagnosis but have multiple causes involved. We believe our experience as a group of providers with multiple backgrounds working in a unique group setting offers the most hope for patients recoveries. Treatment often involves cardio type rehab exercise, specific eye (oculomotor brain) and head (vestibular) movements and exercises, cranial osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation and other passive physical therapy. Please see the video on our website for an example.